Well, I know that there are a million other photographers out there in the world with similar offers - but, there is only one me.  I am all about creating long term lasting relationships with all my clients. I believe in YOU, your vision, and who you are as a human beings. You won’t just be another client on the calendar, you’ll be a valued part of my business. You won’t just become another customer, you’ll be a creative collaborator and part of the process from start to finish as we work together to grow your business to stand out from other  companies and to engage your potential clients with unique and custom images.

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Sharla Pike has been a leading photographer in Kelowna BC for almost two decades . Delivering Top Quality Photography is one of the most important things to Sharla. Sharla is committed to the creation of timeless + creative images that reveal raw emotion+ beauty in all of its forms. Hiring a photographer is a lot of things, especially an investment! When you choose Sharla Pike Photography , you are choosing to invest in premiere  photography in a highly and custom way. 

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 A headshot is a way to present yourself to the world, potential employers, clients, friends, family + more.  headshots are your first impression to people who meet you online. 

Headshots Session with a creative flair. 
2-4 looks one location
Receive 8 final images
Additional images can be purchased for $75 each.
After the session you will be sent a gallery of un edited images to choose your favorites. Once you have chosen , you will receive the professionally edited images in color + black and white in High Resolution. 

Receive 1 final image


PLEASE NOTE: There is a $150 re-take fee if you aren't happy with your Headshots due to things out of my control or ability. (ex: hair, clothing, facial expression etc.)


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YES we are in the age of taking a million photos with our phones, but nothing can replace professional family portraits become family heirlooms. When you choose the right photographer, the images they capture of your WHOLE family will last for generations. Expect to receive 40 + images in high resolution. 

Large Multi Family Session- starting at $1200
Have a milestone birthday or family celebration with lots of family in town?
Large Multi-family sessions are available. This session includes shots of individual families, groups shots, grandparents with grandchildren, cousins together, siblings, etc. etc.
 Expect to receive 60-+ images in High Resolution.

 lifestyle -family sessions-$650

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Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or brand enthusiast looking for a social media transformation? Some new content for your website and a way to stand out in the Big world of technology?

We will discuss what kind of business you are , who your best client is, and what results you want to achieve. SO Once you’ve defined your brand, how do you show it? This is where A branding photo shoot comes into play. When you talk about “being seen” or gaining more visibility, a big part of that is the actual images. The impact you can make with your target audience, and building relationships with potential clients online depends on great professional images. So lets chat make a plan and get going on creating some amazing unique content.

**All final images will be downloaded to an online gallery and are be available to download onto your computer or mobile device.

Branding + Marketing Content Sessions starting at $800

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"Sharla has taken our professional portfolio pictures several times. She has been absolutely professional every time, and her pictures are of impeccable quality.
I highly recommend her."


Working with my clients on a long term basis allows me to get to know the ins and out of your brand and you as a person so the goal is to create  a consistent and cohesive look to your images for your branding + marketing and social media. Consistent social media branding across platforms creates the voice of a company. Whether the content comes to a viewer via feed, email or some YouTube video, it is immediately recognizable and easy to assimilate to what is already known about the company and previous deliverables to the end user of a platform. Good branding does a host of useful things for a business including, helping a brand name “stick” in the mind of a viewer, creating a cohesive personality for a brand and its company and reducing the possibility of confusion in a potential viewer. These are some of the reasons why it pays to invest into creating a professional brand identity when connecting to an audience on social media.


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i highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional headshots."

from karin:

Sharla is a great photographer and a lovely person. The shoot was an easy process and I loved the results!

"We were so impressed with her knowledge."

from jen:

Working with Vieux made it easy to level up our brand and be proud of how we looked online.

A beautiful texture , colour, a cool log on the beach, an old building, and so much more to some these are just normal everyday things, to me these are tools + a foundation to create something magical.

My family is the most important thing to me. I believe having a strong work/life balance is very important.

work / life balance is imporTANT TO ME



i get inspired by the simple things





And mine. If this is not a good fit, I'll tell you! I also happen to be a quick thinker and after almost 2 decades of profecting my craft I am very quick (which my Dad clients really appreciate:) and shooter in location which results in great photos in a short amount of time.



I value your time

lets collaborate

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